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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Yesterday fellow Florida blogger Assorted Babble expressed her support for Katherine Harris who is running for the US Senate.

It is time for a change!! U.S. Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) has been in Congress long enough (a Liberal against John Bolton and represents the left wing agenda)....Katherine Harris (R) may be the underdog, but do not count her out.
Floridians need to get out and vote or call and request an absentee ballot, there should be no excuse for not voting in this mid-term election, actually early voting started yesterday in Florida....It is very easy just mark all the Republicans straight down the ballot.

I'm going to disagree with Suzie. The only reason I see anyone in Florida voting for Harris is blind partisanship. For to put it mildly, Harris' election would be a disaster for Florida.

For much of 2006, I been following the Harris campaign. I'm not going to talk poll numbers(They are terrible), I never they should be a consideration if you truly liked a candidate. In Harris case, there is very little to like.

First her ethics record-

She is under investigation by a federal grand jury.
She has taken contributions from a convicted felon.
She has taken contributions from a convicted congressman

Then there is the matter of Harris judgment

She has claimed endorsements from Florida Democratic Congress people.
She has claimed Gov. Bush would campaign for her when no such commitment existed.
She has claimed to be selling her DC home to finance her campaign but no one has any record of the property being up for sale.
Harris tempestuous relationship with her staff that has resulted in multiple campaign managers and massive turnover of other personnel.

Do I need to say more? There have been Harris stories I didn't blog about, like her comments about God and politics. The woman is a walking joke. Bad ethics, bad judgment. Who but a straight party ticket voter wants this woman in the Senate?

TFM is a registered Democrat but has voted more and more Republican for the last 15 years. There are alot of issues I agree with the republicans or conservatives, National Security, tax and fiscal issues, Abortion, but I also disagree on some social issues, Immigration and The Minimum Wage. I think can look at what candidates from both parties offer. Harris politics may be the preferable one, but everything else about the woman is a disaster. She is an embarassment now, and if elected to the Senate is only likely to grow worse. Florida voters, Republicans included, should not vote for this Katherine Harris on November Seventh.

One last Note- The National Review even called for Harris to give up her campaign.

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