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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Where are the men in the white coats? Part II

Katherine Harris is back in the news.

U.S. Senate candidate Katherine Harris said Friday that Gov. Jeb Bush will campaign with her in the next two months, but the state GOP said no such commitment exists.

Harris, appearing in downtown Orlando, said she will travel with Bush and others as she seeks to defeat incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson.

Nelson, meanwhile, formally kicked off his campaign Friday in Tampa, saying he wanted to "take our nation in a new direction."

Touring with Bush, the state's most powerful Republican, would bring Harris badly needed credibility and steady a campaign that, at times, appeared ready to collapse.

But Friday, it was unclear what Harris was talking about. The Governor's Office referred questions about Harris to the state party. And party spokesman Jeff Sadosky said the governor had not agreed to stump with Harris.

"We've not heard anything from the Governor's Office one way or the other," Sadosky said.

If Bush did join Harris, it would be a dramatic turnabout. The governor has criticized her campaign and said he did not think she could beat Nelson.

He said this week he supports her candidacy but has given no indication that he will do any heavy lifting for her.

Republican political consultant Todd Harris -- no relation to the candidate -- said he doesn't expect Bush to go beyond some helpful words. The Harris-Nelson race is too lopsided, he said, and resources are better spent on more competitive races.
This is eerily similar to another Harris episode here. In that instance Congresswoman Harris claimed some Flourida Democrats in the US were supporting her senate bid. Governor Bush has been vocal in saying Harris has no chance in November. I don't see him in any way supporting her run during the next two months.

This news is just further proof that Harris is unstable at the very least. Republicans or anyone in Florida would be wise not to vote for this woman.

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