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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Going nowhere

Breaking news on the Diana Irey challenge of John Murtha.

The challenger in a high-profile election said Monday she has issues with her opponent's fundraising practices.

Diana Irey, a Republican from Washington County, held a news conference calling Congressman Jack Murtha's fundraising efforts unethical.

Irey's comments come after a public report last week which identified some members of Congress as corrupt.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, also known as CREW, released their second annual list about members of Congress who CREW said are making personal business trades.

That list included Murtha as one to watch, and Irey said the information provides proof Murtha's campaign contributions violated federal law. In response, Irey challenged everyone in the public to take note.
Here is the report mentioned above. I blogged about it in a previous post about Congresswoman Katherine Harris.

I'm almost certain Murtha is corrupt. First corruption is prevalent at almost all levels of politics. Second Murtha has been in Congress for 32 years. No one can be in office that long with out being dirty. Thirdly, Murtha has a safe Democratic seat which has produce an arrogant belief in own invulnerability when it comes to being returned to office. A politician with nothing to fear at election time is the most likely type to be corrupt.

TFM doesn't like Murtha, but as I blogged before, he will be returning to Congress in 2007 barring death. Despite the misguided attempts of Rightroots to raise money for her, the Diana Irey campaign is going no where.

Is there more Diana Irey news out there? Go to Yahoo news and do a news search for Diana Irey. Other than the story above you only get this Diana Irey focused story-

Irey visits County Fair

Before you say that Yahoo news is missing something, Here are the results for September from two media outlets in or near Murtha's district. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette and The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat.

Murtha’s fans, foes to stage rallies

That September 24th article represents the only article on the Murth-Irey race for the month of September. What does that tell you?

That Diana Irey is going to lose in November and that Rightroots and its supporters truly deserved the Knucklehead award I gave them. If you look at their fundraising to date, Diana Irey has garnered the most contributions.

Money that won't mean a damn against John Murtha's considerable war chest. So Rightroots money is being effectively flushed down a toilet.

If you still don't believe me on the futility of backing Diana Irey, I suggest you contact The National Republican Congressional Committee. Their telephone # is (202) 479-7000. I spoke to someone named Michael after asking for the News Media inquiries dept. No polling has been done on the Irey-Murtha race by the NRCC or any other pollsters as far as he knew. Michael also said my take on the race was pretty much on point.

So if you don't believe me, call NRCC for yourselves. No one at Rightroots apparently did. Some of these bloggers may be smarter, more eloquent than TFM and certainly have bigger amounts of readers than I do. That doesn't excuse their stupidity in raising money for a candidate who has no chance in November when so many races are critical in the Republican effort to hold onto Congress.

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