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Monday, September 25, 2006

MSM Profiling Part II and my annual cancer checkup

*- A few months back I wrote about how my wife was receiving a Latino version of Sports Illustrated. The magazine is still coming and another bastion of the liberal MSM has also profiled my household as Spanish speaking.

This time its Cox Communications aka The Palm Beach Post. I've been receiving their Spanish language newspaper La Palma for at least a month. My wife gets the papers when going out for her morning walk(TFM needs coffee and food before walking) and I just learned we been getting this paper.

Now get it through your thick skulls, no one in this house speaks Spanish. My wife who has a Spanish sounding first name, is really Filipino. So stop assuming she, and my name which isn't Hispanic in any way or form, know how to read Spanish. Since I've contacted both your publications and told you to stop sending us this junk, what is it about English you don't understand?

The media which hounds law enforcement for any kind of racial profiling, does their very own brand of same profiling. To sell their publications. What a bunch of hypocrites Time Warner and Cox Communications are, particularly the later whose liberal bias TFM points out on a regular basis. Here is today's example.

*- On a lighter note, I had my annual cancer checkup with the oncologist today. All is well almost 13 years since my first malignant melanoma diagnosis. I don't have to see this doctor again for the year. Looks like I have at least 365 knucklehead awards in me.

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