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Monday, September 25, 2006

The latest on the Trenton Duckett story

*- The missing boy's story was featured on America's Most wanted. Few clues have come in according to authorities.

It is my strong opinion that the boy is dead. Whether it is at the hands of his mother, I won't speculate any more. One of my commenters had a theory about the child being with someone else. I'd like that theory to be true, it is just very unlikely. The nationwide media saturation this boy has received would make practically impossible for someone to hide Trenton.

*- Melinda Duckett's suicide note has been published. You can go here and read it. If what written is true, the mother was pushed over the edge by the media and others(TFM included) who speculated if she was responsible for what happened to Trenton.

I'll let you draw your own opinions from the note.

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