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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Don Surber has a good post up about why political television advertisements are running over a month before the November election. It is because early voting has begun in some states and will soon begin in others. Florida included.

The political garbage in my mailbox has for the most part let up. With one notable exception, the Rob Siedlecki State House 85 campaign keeps barraging my mailbox on a 2-time a week basis. In addition to the two mailings directly from Siedlecki this week, there was a third advertisement from a group supporting Siedlecki's bid to unseat Shelly Vana.

I'm sick of this garbage mail. So much so I went to Rob Siedlecki website and called the campaign manager, one Kent Strang at 561-847-5036 or e-mail TFM talked to Kent and appraised hm of the barrage of mailings I'm getting and that I thought they were counterproductive. When I told Strang I was a blogger, he said he either knew of TFM or had visited here. A technorati search shows only two other bloggers than myself in the last 50 days blogging about the State House 85 race. Here is an interview of the candidate.

A week has passed, my mailbox keeps getting filled and well. While I didn't give Strang my address, I did tell him what I what of getting dumped on 2-3 times a week. TFM is losing patience fast. I'm tired of the political garbage(and that's what it is) going into MY mailbox every week. So if you're reading this Kent Strang, be put on notice. The next time I blog about your candidate may be to give Siedlecki and yourself the Knucklehead of the day award. That's if you don't stop flooding my mailbox. Don't think my vote or the two other members of my household vote is sewn up either. We can take a pass in November before voting for just another politico who listens to no one but himself. If you think I'm wrong about your mass mailing campaign I have one name for you. Irv Slosberg.

TFM doesn't pretend to be much read but I can post the award freely via trackbacks and other sites that will let me leave a link. Or just the news of Siedlecki being declared a knucklehead. That's your choice Rob and Kent, now get the hell out of my mailbox.

Note to my readers- I'm emailing Kent Strang a link to this post.

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