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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Travel agent

Some news from the Vatican.

VATICAN CITY - Pope Benedict XVI said Wednesday that tourism should help different cultures bridge gaps and promote dialogue between the world's different people.

Wednesday was World Tourism Day, and the pontiff made the remarks before about 30,000 pilgrims and tourists gathered in a sunny St. Peter's Square to attend his weekly general audience.

"I hope that tourism will increasingly promote dialogue and respect between cultures, thereby becoming an open door to peace and harmonious cohabitation," Benedict said.

Not just visiting, but living in another country or culture will give a person a different view of life than if they have never travelled outside of the area they lived. In 1989 I lived with my Philippine inlaws for nearly six weeks and learned much about life there. A military member living on base at the time didn't get the education I got.

Among the things I experienced or saw being done

*- Sleeping on the floor
*- Eating rice with one's hands
*- One television station town with only two commercials
*- Brown outs
*- Cats making love on a neighboring roof and then when its over with, fighting and then falling off the roof into water below. Splash! Splash!
*- Getting stared at by every female under the age of 40(Its those blue eyes I have)

I could go on. Travelling is definitely educational.

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