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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Why not identify her?

I don't get this story. The woman makes a false rape accusation and then admits she made it up but the police won't identify her. Why protect her? If she filed a police report she broke the law, she isn't a victim of sexual assault. The woman should get the public humiliation she deserves by being identified. I'd give her tomorrow's Knucklehead award if I knew the name.

The Palm Beach Post is reporting police will not be filing any charges. However the woman could be disciplined by Florida Atlantic University. Big whippedy do is all I say unless she is expelled.

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Boca Raton -- Florida Atlantic University police on Tuesday said that a student who reported being raped on campus in February made up her story."We knew early that this probably didn't happen but we continued to investigate until we could prove that," FAU Police Chief Bill Ferrell said.

Police noticed inconsistencies in the 22-year-old woman's story when she reported the Feb. 26 rape. The woman, who police declined to identify, finally told officers on Monday that she had consensual sex with a man.

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