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Monday, March 13, 2006

Must be Brooklyn humor

For I fail to comprehend what the writer of this NY Times article is trying to convey.

I wake up to the smell of browning sausages. My sweet husband is at the stove with the cookbook open. I fall in love all over again. Then I look at the bag they came in and do a double take. He didn't buy them from Esposito's. We live in the sausage capital of the world, and my husband may as well have brought back breakfast links from Denny's.

"Adam. Why didn't you buy them at Esposito's?"

"Because I was in the cheese store buying the bread, and they had these, so I thought I'd try them."

"Are they the fennel ones?"

"No. They didn't have the fennel ones."

"Oh no."

"You know what, Cathy?" he says throwing the wooden spoon on the counter. "Do it yourself." He goes into his office to seek refuge.

Confused too? Ann Althouse is pretty blunt calling it "bitch about your husband in the NYT." Just another reason Ann is turning into one of my favorite bloggers.

Was this author trying to be funny or write a parody? If she is, I don't grasp it. It may be a regional thing but I grew up on Long Island till I was 15. Yet there is a world of difference between Brooklyn and Suffolk County.

The article goes on to talk about the author's daughter. Scratch that, brag about her daughter. Mostly about her sleeping habits. Nothing wrong with that, parents have been doing this since creation though most don't get a forum at the Times.

What bugs me about this woman is the name she gave her child. OLIVE! Oh please, this child is going to be cursed by it. There is nothing worse for a child than to be different, or to be a target of easy teasing and the name Olive provides just that. Why not Olivia? It's a pretty name and not an easy one to riddicule.

Maybe the Times will give this woman another forum in 10-20 years when her daughter becomes a withdrawn loner because of the name picked out for her. We'll just have to wait and see.

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