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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A win and a disaster averted

Samuel Alito has been confirmed to the US Supreme Court. The vote was 58-42. Congratulations to Justice Alito.

This is definitely a win for those who believe in a stricter interpertaion of the Constitution. I supported Alito from the beginning. This coming after the Miers debacle, where I was one of the bloggers Professor Bainbridge calls the Coalition of the Chillin' who thought Bush made a mistake.

Another nomintation to the court should be coming up soon also. Justice Stevens is 85. Seeing how a judge with a long conservative suceeded over a stealth candidate, I hope Bush picks another judge in the Alito mode. Michael Luttig, Emilio Garza, Priscilia Owen, McConnell or my own choice Janice Rogers Brown. Two battles down, ? to go.

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