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Monday, October 22, 2007

Get out the smelling salts

Paging Ricky Williams? From the Sun-Sentinel-

Just when it seemed the Dolphins had bottomed out in Sunday's 49-28 loss to the Patriots, on Monday coach Cam Cameron said that running back Ronnie Brown and starting safety Renaldo Hill are out for the season after tearing the ACL ligaments in their right knees.

Brown was hurt while trying to tacke Patriots cornerback Randall Gay on an interception return. He said X-rays taken at the stadium were negative, but Monday's MRI revealed further damage.


Brown was in the midst of a career breakthrough, and is the current NFL leader in yards from scrimmage with 991. Brown is fourth in the NFL with 602 rushing yards on a career-high 5.1 yards per carry with four touchdowns. He also has a career-high 39 catches for 389 yards and a touchdown.

The injury cost Brown the chance to tie the franchise record of five consecutive games with at least 100 rushing yards, set by Ricky Williams in 2002. Brown finished with 76 rushing yards on 17 carries and 33 yards on five catches Sunday.

Cameron said the loss of Brown creates a spot for rookie tailback Lorenzo Booker, the third-round pick out of Florida State who has yet to be activated. Jesse Chatman, who replaced Brown in the second half, and gained 73 yards on seven carries with a touchdown, will start against the Giants. Second-year back Patrick Cobbs played for the first time Sunday, and had 14 yards on three carries with his first NFL touchdown.
The Dolphins are so pathetic this year that beat writer's can't even type tackle anymore!

Brown and placekicker Jay Feely(who hasn't missed a FG try all year) were the only highlights of this catrostrophic Dolphin season. After yesterday's massacre(Heck I almost had my prediction right on the button 41-10 but it was 42-7 at half-time!) you are left wondering if the team will even win a game this year. With Brown out, the possibility becomes even greater.

Guess who could be back in the equation now?

Also, the decision regarding the reinstatement of suspended running back Ricky Williams is expected any day. Once the commissioner makes his ruling, the Dolphins would then have to decide to activate Williams or release him. With Brown out, the Dolphins could possibly showcase Williams for a potential offseason trade.
Williams won't change the Dolphins outlook for 2007, but if he played well enough maybe some team would deal Miami a much needed draft pick in return for the flaky running back.

If one thought the Dolphin secondary couldn't get worse, Hill's injury is another blow. We do have this news.

Former 2006 first-round pick Jason Allen will replace Hill.

Courtney Bryan, the only other available safety on the active roster, suffered a quadriceps injury early in the game.

Cameron, who has released two safeties -- Donovin Darius and LaMont Thompson -- the past two weeks, said he's, "exploring options'', regarding adding more safeties.

1 Hot Dog vendors

2 Cheerleaders

3 Don Shula. At least he was a defensivie back once.

4- Bloggers with any high school football experience. Exception clause- Those who played a real position.(Kickers need not apply. That rules me out.)

At least we'll find out how big a bust Jason Allen is. Which reminds me of what was written earlier this year about Allen.

During a June mini-camp, on a similarly sweltering day in another one-on-one match with Hagan, the receiver got some 20 yards behind Allen on his way to another long completion that would have been an embarrassing touchdown were it a regular-season game.

So, hey, Allen has improved his coverage by some 15 yards in just a few weeks.
The next Dolphins game in Miami is against Buffalo in three weeks. Is it too early for Dolphin fans to begin wearing the paper bags over their heads?

Maybe its time to redo the Dolphins fight song

Miami has the Dolphins,
The greatest losingest football team!
We takefumble the ball from goal to goal,
Like no one's ever seen!
We're out of in the air,
We'reLying on the ground,
We're never always in control.
So when you say Miami,
You're talking SuperToilet Bowl!

(Chorus 1)
Cause we're the Miami Dolphins Losers,
Miami Dolphins Losers,
Miami Dolphins Number 1. a losing football team.

(Chorus 2)

Cause we're the Miami Dolphins Losers,
Miami Dolphins Losers,
Dolphins Number 1. I rather go with my wife to the mall!
Can you believe it, just over a year ago this team was predicted to go to the Super Bowl? Check it out yourself.

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