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Friday, December 30, 2005

Sometimes I hate blogging

Are you ready for a mood swing after my earlier post? Actually nothing has changed, I been planning to write this post for a couple of days.

I blog on whatever strikes me as interesting or funny. Many of my leads come from other bloggers, and I hat tip these people. Probably my second biggest source comes from newspaper reading. Either the Palm Beach Post at home, Yahoo news or checking mostly Florida newspaper websites. On any given day I check papers in Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Tallahassee. I'm a Florida blog after all and I lean to talking about Florida issues.

Anyone who reads the daily newspaper or watches the evening news knows about the daily dose of bad news that comes with it. Murder, rape, violent crimes. We try to innoculate ourselves against letting these tragedies get to us. But does it always work? For me it doesn't, and my blogging exposes me to lots of bad news. Some of which gets me very angry or very upset or both.

The worst for me involve children. Especially the very young or pre-kindergarten ages. Crimes against them or people neglecting them in some way. How can people do this? It just drives me insane. Like today's Knucklehead winner. Knucklehead doesn't do justice to scum like this man.

Why does it bothers me? My wife and I lost two children. Our son Daniel was born almost three years ago, he lived 14.5 hours. I'd do anything to have Daniel back. At the holidays dear wife really feel the pain of not having our son. We miss our child and it is upsetting to see other people not appreciate what a miracle life is.

The other day I was checking newspapers in Florida and I came across this. By now many of you have probably heard the story of two-year-old Luke Andrews. He was found in his parents home after a 911 brought police there. The boy's parents were murdered and now Luke is an orphan.

Luke Andrews is alright physically but his parents are dead. The boy probably don't realize the impact of what has happened, but at some age he will find out. The boy was irreprably harmed that day by who ever killed his parents. I stumbled into this story and for all the reasons above I find it gut wrenching.

As I said in my post's title, sometimes I just hate blogging. Otherwise I wouldn't feel so terrible and depressed after reading news like what happened to Luke Andrews. I guess I got to just not let this get to me or stop blogging or limit my news surfing. Don't think any of this will work, I can't cut myself off from the tragedies that are out there in the world. No one can.

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