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Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Co-Knuckleheads of the Day award Part Three

This is a little dated(I didn't learn about these articles till yesterday) but since it involves one of my favorite sports I felt it worthy of a Knucklehead.

Today's third set of winners are AP Golf Writer Doug Ferguson and Sports Network Golf Editor Gerard Gallagher. First Mr. Ferguson shows that Associated Press doesn't confine its biased reporting just to politics. In a fawning article about teenage golf phenom Morgan Pressel, Ferguson wrote-

No, but Pressel probably should have won the biggest tournament in women's golf. She was tied for the lead, her ball in the 18th fairway, when she watched Birdie Kim ahead of her hit a mediocre bunker shot that was running hot until the hole got in the way.

Sorry Mr. Ferguson mediocre does not describe shots out of a sand trap that win major golf championships. Brilliant and spectacular are two of the many proper adjectives. It don't matter how fast the ball was moving, Ms. Kim's shot went in the cup. End of story!

I doubt any golf writer would have called a shot by Annika Sorrenstam like Birdie Kim's mediocre. But this is pretty symptomatic of Ferguson's writing, I can pick through his work and find errors on a regular basis. Its a sad state of affairs that a wire service employs this kind of writer. Then the Palm Beach Post does too.

Now to Mr. Gallagher. He wrote a story about the highs and lows of the 2005 LPGA golf season.


When Meg Mallon rolled in a six-foot par save at the 16th on Sunday, she halved the hole with Karen Stupples and went 2-up with two to play. That assured the American side a half point, which was enough to give them the 14 1/2 points needed to win the Solheim Cup.

That's the shot of the year? Sorry nothing beats Birdie Kim's shot at the US Open. And I mean in the last five years or this century or decade of LPGA play. Gallagher's choice is as lame as Ferguson's description.

For lame and inexcusable golf reporting, Doug Ferguson and Gerard Gallagher are two of today's Co-Knuckleheads of the day.

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