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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I live in Palm Beach County Florida and our county commissioners are some real works of art. Their jealousies and bickering are often priceless except it gets in the way of vital county business getting done.

The latest example of this was at Tuesday's commission meeting.

Criticism of a political rival hit heavenly heights -- or perhaps a new low -- Tuesday when Palm Beach County Commissioner Mary McCarty used a prayer to question Commission Chairman Tony Masilotti's absence.

Tuesday's county commission meeting started with an explanation from Vice Chairwoman Addie Greene that Masilotti would not attend because he was with his daughter, who had minor surgery.

Moments later, as McCarty gave the invocation, she prayed for Masilotti's daughter and also mentioned a memo Masilotti sent saying he would miss the meeting because he was starting his Christmas vacation early.

"Whatever the story is, we hope that you will bless him," McCarty prayed.

Reached after the meeting, Masilotti said he would not try to speculate why McCarty questioned his absence.

"She can't answer for herself sometimes," Masilotti said.

McCarty's remarks are both a low blow and hypocritical. She prays to God while at the same time take a shot at someone. What did Jesus say about the plank in one's own eye?

Masilotti is no choir boy. He has been known to hold grudges himself.

The sniping between McCarty and Masilotti is both well known here and with this episode has taken an all-time low. Memo to McCarty and Masilotti- Start acting like adults instead of children. Otherwise the voters will both send you to the sandbox instead of a county commission seat.

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