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Friday, November 04, 2005

Lefties Cry Foul

All the lefty blogs are taking the vapors over an advertisement in the New Jersey gubernatorial race. That mean Republican Doug Forrester has gone below the belt and suckerpunched the Democrat Jon Corzine with an ad that contains the following quote from Corzine's ex-wife who said:

"When I saw the campaign ad where Andrea Forrester said, 'Doug never let his family down, and he won't let New Jersey down,' all I could think was that Jon did let his family down, and he'll probably let New Jersey down, too."
That's it. That is all the ad says. AP, NYT, nobody, is giving the full quote.
Oh, let us tar and feather the evil Forrester for interfering with his private life. I mean the next thing you know, he might 1.) call his opponent a smirking chimp 2.) forge memos impugning his honorable military service 3.) accuse him of being an accessory in the dragging death of a black man ...
Where, oh where, did that Evil Quote come from? Fox? Limbaugh? Coulter? No, The New York Times.
This is faux outrage from phonies on the left who are partisan hacks.
Tell you what. Here is how this clean campaigning goes. Lefties critique the lefty ads, righties the righty ads. Otherwise, kwitcherbitchin.

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