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Friday, November 18, 2005

Gamma watch

Four weeks after Hurricane Wilma we are warily watching Tropical Storm Gamma. Gamma is taking an all too familiar path much like Wilma. The five day forecast map shows the storm passing through Palm Beach County.

There are differences between the storms. I like to read the discussion segment at the Hurricane website. It was right on about Wilma. Here with Gamma they say there is still much confusion as to storm's path. It could pass south of Florida as a weak storm or come through where I live. Wind shear is going to be the big factor.

So here we go again. This is looking eerily familiar to when we had Jeanne three weeks after Francis last year. Please pray for all Florida residents.

NOTE To All Florida Bloggers- If you're following Gamma feel free to trackback to this post and link to me. I will return the favor by linking to you on my front page.

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