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Friday, November 04, 2005

A Country Not Worth Defending

As I read, "Youths in Rural U.S. Are Drawn To Military," in the Washington Post, I wondered what it was I didn't like about the story:

"More than 44 percent of U.S. military recruits come from rural areas, Pentagon figures show. In contrast, 14 percent come from major cities. Youths living in the most sparsely populated Zip codes are 22 percent more likely to join the Army, with an opposite trend in cities. Regionally, most enlistees come from the South (40 percent) and West (24 percent)."
Oh yea. It delved into where they recruit without pointing out why they cannot recruit in affluent, urban areas. Protests from rich and powerful people keep recruiters at bay. Until very recently, Ivy League schools all kept recruiters off. Apparently, expressing one's rights is patriotic (dissent is patriotic) while actually defending them is for poor, retarded hicks.
Now, there is a concerted effort to stop that. The Post story reads right out of an anti-military press handout.
Thanks to Christopher Fotos for pointing this out.

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