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Sunday, September 04, 2005

It's Gus Frerotte

The Dolphins announced their new starting quarterback yesterday. Given all of Coach Nick Saban's hints it didn't surprise me.

Quarterback Gus Frerotte will start next Sunday's season-opening game against Denver, while Sage Rosenfels will be given the chance to back him up, coach Nick Saban said Saturday.

"I wouldn't say that (Feeley) has been demoted," Saban said. "The way I'd rather say it is, Sage Rosenfels has earned — through his efforts, consistency in performance through this pre-season — the opportunity to compete for the No. 2 position. And he has been put in the position to do that.

"I don't think that anybody has been demoted."

Going from first team to 3rd stringer and probably due to be cut as the article goes on, counts as a demotion in my book. Feeley's play has been and often terrible. It shows how misguided the Dolphins were when they gave up a 2004 2nd round pick to get him.

The Dolphins are still desperate however. I blogged yesterday on this subject. Frerotte is a 34-year-old nobody who I don't see helping the Dolphins short-term or long-term. Nor has Frerotte played much better than Feeley. The job should have been given to Rosenthals. Sage may still end up playing unless Saban is too hardheaded to change quarterbacks during the season.

It's going to be a long year for Miami. I'll save my prediction on their outlook for next weekend.

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