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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Get a grip lady!

Yesterday's Miami Herald featured a column by Ann Menendez. Up in Tallahassee Florida tomorrow, Florida State University and the University of Miami will be playing a nationally televised football game.

Many University of Miami fans are travelling to see the game. It's an over 400 mile trip and that requires an overnight stay. That has put Tallahassee area hotels in a difficult spot, because many of them are housing refugees from Hurricane Katrina. Apparently the hotels are making these people move out for the fans who have reservations. A Herald article from September 1st covers the dilema but cites no figure as to how many refugees are caught in this squeeze.

The hotels are in difficult situation but within their right. Both universities are going on with the game, no serious discussion of a postponement or cancellation was ever done. Ms. Menendez isn't at all shy about what she thinks should occur.

Cancel the stupid game.

Let the Hurricanes, the Seminoles and their hollow mascots play another day. I don't care how long the fans have been waiting for the FSU-Miami showdown in Tallahassee Monday night. I don't care about Devin Hester's kick return.

What kind of country amuses itself with choreographed violence while the world burns?

I think Ms. Menendez has a problem with football or sports as much as she does the hotel crunch. The best and funniest part of the column as Florida Cracker says is the following-

So football should do the next best thing and take a principled stand: ensure that no evacuees are kicked out of hotels, period. And donate all the proceeds -- everything, ticket sales, advertisement, salaries -- to relief efforts.

I didn't expect introspection when I floated the idea to UM's athletics spokesman Mark Pray and I didn't get it: ''Are you going to give up your own salary?'' he shot back angrily.

Yes Ms. Menendez, you want to donate your salary. Till you do so, don't criticize others for not doing the same. You're just a shrill, hysterical hypocrite who needs to get a grip. Get a life while you are at it too.

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