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Monday, August 22, 2005

My State House Representative Shelley Vana Part 2

She is back in the news today. Earlier this month I blogged about the cozy little job Rep. Vana was lining up for herself. Before getting elected to the State House, Vana was a Palm Beach County School teacher and President of the local teacher's association.

State Rep. Shelley Vana, D-Lantana, is in line for a new "science programs coordinator" post approved by the school board last week. Vana was a teacher, but wanted a non-classroom job to allow her time in Tallahassee. With salary and benefits, the new job's listed as an $88,716 budget item, but Vana will make less because she won't be paid when she's on legislative business, schools spokesman Nat Harrington said.

A new job just for Rep. Vana? Smells like a sweetheart deal to me. In my prior post, Vana was listed as a schoolteacher when it was obviously incompatible with her state rep. duties. Is this someone's idea of a solution?

The school board decision happened last week but only rates a tiny comment in a weekly political comment today. Why isn't Randy Schultz and the Palm Beach Post Editorial board asking uncomfortable questions right now? I would be if I were them and I assume they read your own newspaper.

I'm going to email the author of today's article and Mr. Schultz. Stay tuned.

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