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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Random golf comments

See I still follow the sport even from my hospital bed.

*- Congratulations to Phil Mickelson on winning the PGA Championship last weekend.

*- A belated Knucklehead award to CBS and The PGA of America for allowing late tee times that caused the tournament to end on Monday morning. This was bound to happen sooner or later with a major. CBS for knucklehead reasons insist on the Masters and PGA ending at 7 p.m. leaving little wiggle room for either bad weather or a playoff.

*- Tiger Woods didn't stick around for the finish of the 2005 PGA Championship. Instead he flew home to Florida after Sunday's round. Tiger only missed a playoff by two shots.

I'm not going to criticize Tiger, he's an adult and he can do what he wishes with his life. It would have been interesting to see what the PGA would have done if Tiger had made a playoff but that's only speculation.

The closest thing to anything like this happening in recent golf history is the 1999 LPGA Jamie Farr Classic. Karin Koch led by two shots going to the final hole, a birdie Par 5. There Carin made a double bogey setting up a record 6-way playoff. Kelli Kuenhe one of the players who made the playoff had already left the golf course and had to be summoned back via cell phone.

*- Will the 2013 US Open go to The Country Club in Brookline Massachusetts? To you non-golf historians out there, 2013 will mark the 100th anniversary of Francis Ouimet's upset victory in the US Open played at TCC.

Something rarely mentioned about last weekend's PGA Championship was that TCC was originally assigned the 2005 PGA Championship. Then in 2002 the PGA of America reversed itself and assigned the Open to Balutsroll. Neither side is talking much about why this was done, but bad feelings still exist between the PGA and TCC. Note- Remember the 1999 Ryder Cup was played at TCC.

Here is the link to Jim McCabe's Golf World piece on the politics involved with the 2013 US Open bid.

*- Despite double bogeying 18 yesterday, Tiger Woods is tied for the lead with Luke Donald at the NEC Invitational in Akron Ohio. With Vijay Singh, Chris Demarco and Thomas Bjorn one shot back, this could be an exciting tournament this weekend.

*- South Koreans are ruling at the LPGA right now. After the first round, Sung Ah Yim and Young Yang are tied for the lead. One shot back is Soo Yun Kang('The Fashion Model of the Fairways), another shot back is a group including Aree Song. Jeong Jang the defending British Open Champ, and Gloria Park are another shot back.

There are 20 South Korean golfers on the Ladies tour, and right now they are flexing their muscles. Since early June, Jimin Kang, Birdie Kim, Mee na Lee and Jeong Jang have won on tour. All these players getting their first LPGA wins at the same time. If Yang, Kang or Yim won tomorrow they would also be first-time winners.

At the same time the two top South Korean golfers, Grace Park and Se Ri Pak are having off years. The South Korean invasion isn't over yet, more are coming up through the NCAA, USGA girls and Futures tour ranks. More power to them.

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