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Monday, August 08, 2005

Cindy Sheehan story or some bloggers aren't going to like what I say

What I'm going to say below may not be liked by bloggers I respect and admire but I'm going to say it any way.

Drop the subject of Cindy Sheehan and let the woman grieve or be angry.

Mrs. Sheehan has suffered a terrible loss. There is no pain worse for a parent than to one's child die. I know, Dear Wife and I lost our son Daniel 2.5 years ago. He spent 13.5 hours on this planet, my wife spent 12 weeks on total bedrest. Then our son was taken away from us, and so was a piece of our souls. If you haven't lost a child of your own, you can not understand the pain a parent suffers.

The same thing happened to Cindy Sheehan when her son Casey died in Iraq. She has my wife and I's deepest sympathy.

She should be getting the same from all of you out there in the blogosphere. This young man gave his life for our freedom. His mother deserves our sympathy.

What is happening instead is people like Drudge, Angry in the Great White North and others questioning what Ms. Sheehan's motivations, her psychological condition etc.

All of this doesn't amount to a pile of shit. This is a free country, this woman can protest if she wants to. Bloggers can say what they want to, but do any of you see what you're doing. You're hitting a person who is down and in pain. Don't you have something better to do? Apparently too many bloggers don't.

A few bloggers like The Anchoress have been understanding. Michelle Malkin appeared so in the beginning but now looks to be falling into the cesspool too by saying Mrs. Sheehan has issues. For the rest of you I suggest silence in the future. Some subjects are not worth blogging on. You're hurting someone who is great pain already. Shame on those of you who are doing just that.

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