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Friday, August 05, 2005

From the they have too much time on their hands files.

From the Daily Telegraph. Hat tip- Kathryn Lopez at The Corner
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Women are not the only ones who prefer sex in the dark
By Nic Fleming,
Science Correspondent

A study of badgers' mating habits has found that, like many women, they prefer to have sex in the dark.

During a new moon, female badgers are "tolerant or indifferent" to the advances of males and, when the moon is full, they become actively hostile.

But during the darker phase, from the last quarter to the first quarter of the lunar cycle, they are more amorous and mate far more frequently.

Dr David Dixon, a biologist who made the discovery, said: "A possible evolutionary driver for this link with the lunar cycle is that badgers spend a long time copulating - 90 minutes or more is not unusual.

"This means that in the past, amorous badgers may have been at considerable risk from attack by wolves, lynx, or bears unless they restricted their mating activities to when the countryside was cloaked in darkness."

Dr Dixon, who writes about his research in next month's BBC Wildlife Magazine, filmed a group of 12 badgers in Plymouth at night over a period of three years.

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