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Friday, August 21, 2009

Boca Raton News RIP

The daily newspaper is ceasing operations according to Bob at The Daily Pulp. It is said the News had become very poor in quality over the last twenty years, but it is always sad when a newspaper dies. I may criticize the media but they provide an essential service to the public that is often overlooked.

My parents lived in Boca Raton for 9 years(Actually my mother only lived there for five years. She died in 1985.) and subscribed to the newspaper. I sometimes would read it when I was home for a visit. Sometime in the early 1980's, there was a help wanted advertisement. It was placed by a bar or club and the ad listed the benefits that would come with working there. One of which was-

Free Hospitalization

I still LMAO when thinking of that advertisement. Rest in Peace Boca Raton News. If there are people who want to learn of the Boca Raton News history, I recommend reading this long feature article.

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