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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Philippine television personality Willie Revillame. He gets the award for the following-

Controversial TV host Willie Revillame is said to be deeply upset over the negative reaction he has received regarding the comments he made pertaining to the airing of President Cory Aquino’s funeral cortege on his TV show, “Wowowee” on Aug. 3.

“He feels isolated,” said friend and Wowowee director Johnny “Mr. M” Manahan who has taken the cudgels for his beleaguered colleague.

Manahan revealed that Revillame had relieved himself of his duties from the show “for the time being.”


The signature campaign was fueled by videos uploaded on the World Wide Web showing Revillame visibly irked while a live streaming video of President Cory Aquino’s cortege was being flashed via a small window in a portion of Wowowee.
For those who don't know, Wowowee is an immensely popular television show in the Philippines. My wife is a Filipina and we get 4 Filipino television channels through our satellite provider. Willie is one of three Philippine television personalities I can name and recognize on hearing their voice.

“Pangit! Hindi ho maganda sa atin. Nagsasalita [ako], ipinapakita yung kabaong ni Tita Cory, hindi ba? Papano kami makapagsasaya?” Revillame was heard saying.
Which translates to- “It is ugly for us that while I am talking they are showing the cortege of Aunt Cory, isnt’ it? How can we may everyone happy?”

“I don’t think dapat ipakita ‘yan. Nagsasaya kami dito, papakita n’yo sa amin yun [libing]…? Hindi tama, okay?”
Which translates- “I don’t think they should show it. We are having fun, and they burial cortege is being shown. It’s not right. ”

These are really dumb things to be saying and Willie deserves to be in the trouble he is now. My wife says he has a big head and should be fired for what he said. His conduct was disgraceful. She also points out if not for Corazon Aquino, Willie may not have a job now. ABS CBN was sequestered by the Marcoses during the time of martial law.

My own opinion- Willie was way out of line, and I have no problem naming him today's Knucklehead of the Day.

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