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Commentary, sarcasm and snide remarks from a Florida resident of over thirty years. Being a glutton for punishment is a requirement for residency here. Who am I? I've been called a moonbat by Michelle Malkin, a Right Wing Nut by Daily Kos, and middle of the road by Florida blog State of Sunshine. Tell me what you think.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On temporary hiatus I hope

Tomorrow morning is when I have Heart valve surgery. I've heard of people coming home in five days, but my doctor outlined 10-12. At least one of which will be in ICU. One of the ICU nurses, a Filipina named Zarah, is a good friend of my wife Leonita. Zarah has been kind to tell me a lot of what lies ahead for me.

Right now I'm very scared of the open heart surgery operation I'm having. I won't be back to blogging before September. If I'm up to it, or rather can talk Leonita into doing it for me, I'll have a post on how I'm doing in a week or two.

The photo of me and Leonita is 10 years old. My wife remains as beautiful as ever.


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