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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Will Golf World's Ron Sirak please pick up the white courtesy phone?

The Golf World editor and writer doesn't make a mistake this week as much as an error of ommision. In an article about Yani Tseng's win at the LPGA Championship last weekend, Sirak writes-

The closest any player from Taiwan had come to winning a major was T.C. Chen in the 1985 U.S. Open at Oakland Hills. He had a four-stroke lead in the final round then unraveled after a double-hit on a chip shot. Tseng saw the shot on TV the week before the McDonald's and marveled because "that's not really a hard shot," she laughed, blaming the double-hit on poor technique. "But don't tell him that," she said, laughing more.
True Chen lost by only one shot, but he isn't the only Taiwanese golfer to come that close to a golf major.

May I present Lu Liang Huan.

1971 – Lee Trevino wins his first Open(British) as little-known Taiwanese player Lu Liang-Huan – affectionately known as “Mr Lu” – comes within a stroke of an incredible victory.
So in fact Chen and Mr. Lu came equally close. If Mr. Sirak answers my page I'll suggest he take some remedial lessons in golf history.

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