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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Golf World's Ron Sirak is an imbecile Part II

In a preview of this week's LPGA Championship, the clueless nitwit writes-

For dark horses consider impressive rookies Na Yeon Choi and Yani Tseng, as well as Juli Inkster, who turns 48 this month and just needs to remember that she is a great putter to win again.
A Hall of Famer, barely a month separated from losing a tournament in a playoff, somehow qualifies as a dark horse? That is laughable.

The laughs aren't done yet. Sirak's article is datelined Maryland, where the tournament is taking place. How does a sober golf reporter not know a player he's writing about isn't even in the field? Inkster isn't, she's back in California in order to attend her daughter's junior high school graduation. I heard of Inkster's plan to skip the LPGA Championship at least a month ago. It was also reported in last Sunday's Baltimore Sun.

Anyone tell me why Golf World lets this idiot cover the LPGA?

For further examples of Sirak's cluelessness, click here, here, here, here.

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