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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Beth Ann Baldry- Britain, Canada, what's the difference?

Our most recent example of bad golf writing comes from Golf Week's Beth Ann Baldry.

No LPGA player has ever held all four majors at the same time. Pat Bradley came the closest, starting with the British in 1985, then winning the 1986 Kraft Nabisco and McDonald’s Championship.

Unfortunately the 1985 Women's British Open Champ was Betsy King. Also the tournament Pat Bradley won was the du Maurier. Any competent golf writer who covers the LPGA Tour full-time would know the du Maurier was one of that tour's major championships in the 1980's. The British Open only replacing the du maurier as a major in 2001. Golf Week has since fixed the mistake, after I told Beth of it in an email. I did make a screen capture for posterity's sake. Beth has made three mistakes in her last three Golfweek columns. That's a great percentage if we're talking batting averages, but bad if we're talking the ability to keep simple facts straight. Something golf writers have a bad time doing.

I guess Beth Ann is now taking golf history lessons from AP's Doug Ferguson.

Hat tip- Ryan at GNN.

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