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Monday, December 10, 2007

Not in the spirit

From AP-

MANILA, Philippines - At the risk of being called the Grinch, Manila administrators said Monday they are banning Christmas carolers from the Philippine capital's streets because they disrupt traffic.

"The plan, controversial as it might be, is not done out of whim but rather for the safety of the children and the motorists," said Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chief Bayani Fernando, citing an incident last year in which a child caroler was run over by a speeding vehicle.

He said the ban applies to carolers and beggars in the streets, who often stop cars, beat their drums and tin cans and ask for money.

Those who violate the ban will be rounded up and placed into the custody of the Social Welfare Department, he said.

"They can still go caroling from house to house or in their neighborhood where there are no speeding cars or trucks," Fernando said. "What we are against are those who dart across thoroughfares knocking on vehicle windows to beg for alms since this is a sure-fire way to get maimed or killed."
Street caroling is a holiday tradition in the Asian island nation. My wife finds the ban ridiculous. Children regularly run across the street for many activities, begging and selling of goods to name two. You would also think Manila police needs something better to do. That is besides rounding up protesters of President Arroyo.

Manila is a city of Manila and its metro area is around 16 million. Traffic is horrendous. In these conditions, accidents happen. One dead child in all these people requires a ban be put in place on street caroling. What do you think?

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