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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Certainly not

GI at ROK Drop wonders why Army Spc. Leon Mealing Jr. is being allowed to stay in the army. He is a convicted rapist after all.

A five-member court-martial panel sentenced a 2nd Infantry Division soldier to 90 days confinement and a reduction to E-1 on Friday after convicting him late Thursday night of raping a female servicemember. Prosecutor Capt. Graham Smith had asked that Spc. Leon Mealing Jr., Headquarters Support Company, 602nd Aviation Support Brigade, be sentenced to eight years confinement and a dishonorable discharge for the Sept. 3 rape.

According to testimony, Mealing met the victim at Tommy D’s, an on-post bar. After playing a game of pool with her, he offered to walk her home.

The victim was lost and could not find her barracks, so Mealing offered to let her spend the night in his room. The victim agreed on the condition that she would sleep in the bed while Mealing slept on a chair. After falling asleep in his bed, she awoke to find Mealing raping her, she testified.
I agree with GI that allowing convicted rapists to remain in the military is not a good thing. Nor would I want to serve in a unit with Spec. Mealing.

Mealing’s company commander testified he felt Mealing should be retained in the Army, and that he would want him back in his unit even though he was a convicted rapist.
If the company commander was named in the article, I'd consider him for a Knucklehead award. Has he lost his mind?

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