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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Geograpphically Challenged II

From CBS4-

DALLAS (CBS4) ― It was Merry Christmas and a not-so-happy New Year for employees of the CompUSA chain of computer and electronics stores, who woke Saturday morning to find out they would not have jobs after the holiday season. The chain's 103 stores, including 4 in South Florida, will be closed after the holidays and the chain will go out of business.

Majority stockholder Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire, sold the chain Friday to a restructuring company which said it would try to sell some locations to other retailers, but the CompUSA chain will cease operation after store-closing sales during the holidays, unless the name is purchased.


CompUSA has struggled for nearly a decade with falling prices on personal computers, its most important product, and competition from big-box retailers such as Best Buy. Earlier this year, it closed approximately half it's stores, including one at The Falls in South Miami-Dade.
Like Rick at SOTP, I wasn't aware of the February CompUSA news. Back in the 90's I bought a desktop and a couple of laptops from CompUSA. My experiences were good with the company, but that was a while ago. I haven't been in one of their stores in some time.

Another interesting thing about this article. Note the above where it says 4 South Florida stores.

The company currently operates stores in Dadeland, North Miami-Dade, Plantation, and Deerfield Beach. The company has not announced specific plans for any store.

The last time I checked West Palm Beach is considered South Florida. I included a screen cap from the Comp USA website listing there store in that town.

Once again the careless MSM has made the part of Florida I live in succeed from the union. Who will be next?

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