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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

No mercy

Joseph Edward Duncan responsible for a series of heinous murders, pleaded guilty in Federal court yesterday.

BOISE, Idaho - A man who murdered the family of two young siblings, then sexually abused the children before killing one of them at a remote Montana campsite, pleaded guilty Monday to federal charges that could lead to his execution.

Joseph Edward Duncan III did not make a plea deal with prosecutors and earlier pleaded guilty to state charges. He told the judge he wants to take responsibility for his actions.

"I will continue to accept that responsibility to the death," he said.

Duncan admitted kidnapping Shasta Groene, then 8, and her 9-year-old brother, Dylan, sexually abusing them and killing the boy. Shasta was rescued about seven weeks after the 2005 abduction when people spotted Duncan and the child at a restaurant.

Duncan's guilty pleas to 10 federal felonies mean that Shasta Groene will be spared having to testify at a trial.
I hope Duncan is put to death for what he did. He deserves nothing less.

This crime should have never happened. If you recall Duncan was out on bail after being accused of molesting a boy in Minnesota. Becker County attorney Joe Evans and Minnesota Judge Thomas Schroeder effectively setting Duncan free to commit more crimes. Evans and Schroeder are murderers too for their asinine stupidity killed three people. The only difference between them and Duncan is they are not in jail for the rest of their life.

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