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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Angry immigrants

From the Miami Herald-

The rapid escalation of the U.S. anti-immigration hysteria -- fueled by ratings-hungry cable-television hotheads and leading Republican presidential hopefuls -- is a dangerous trend: It may lead to a Hispanic intifada that may rock this nation in the not-so-distant future.

Remember the Palestinian intifada of the early 1990s, when thousands of frustrated young Palestinians took to the streets and threw stones at Israeli troops? Remember the French intifada of the summer of 2005, in which disenfranchised Muslim youths burned cars and stores in the suburbs of Paris?

If we are not careful, we may see something similar coming from the estimated 13 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, most of them Hispanic, who are increasingly vilified in the media, forced further into the underground by spineless politicians and not given any chance to legalize their status by a pusillanimous U.S. Congress.

We are creating an underclass of people who won't leave this country and, realistically, can't be deported. They and their children are living with no prospect of earning a legal status, no matter how hard they work for it. Many of them will become increasingly frustrated, angry, and some of them eventually may turn violent.
Michelle Malkin replied in the following fashion-

Translation: Give us amnesty or else!
Oppenheimer is at least partly correct. Creating a underclass of people is a sure fire formula for unrest. Look at the riots in France and Europe in recent years. Poor immigrants with little hope for a future rioted. I'm not excusing the rioting or any violence. The fact is however, there was frustration present and the same thing could happen here.

So what are we to do? I'm not fond of the idea of rewarding illegal aliens, on the other hand and Michelle will say as much, there is no way to deport them all. So what are we to do? As long as there are jobs available and employers willing to hire them, illegals won't be leaving and they will keep coming. Note- we have laws on the books right now requiring employers to have employees produce proof they are eligible to work here. Are tougher laws going to produce results?

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