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Monday, November 05, 2007

Earth to Joe Biden

From CNN-

Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Joe Biden on Sunday ruled out the vice presidential slot altogether if Sen. Hillary Clinton is his party's nominee, saying her husband would overshadow the position.

Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden thinks a strong finish in Iowa could make him the Democratic presidential nominee.

"If I don't win the nomination, the likely nominee is going to be Hillary," Biden, D-Delaware, told CNN, "and I love Bill Clinton, but can you imagine being vice president?"

The former president "is such a dominant and powerful and positive force that I think the question is if you're going to stay in public life do you want to be a contributor ... I'm not looking for a ceremonial post," he said.

Biden said he would like to remain chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee if he does not win the Democratic nomination, saying that position would allow him to make "a much greater contributor to the security of the country."

Biden expressed confidence that he would be one of the top three finishers in the Iowa caucus in January. Biden said he believes the strong finish in Iowa will propel him to his party's nomination.


Biden currently draws about 1 percent in most national polls.
I don't think Biden will finish in the top in Iowa. His Presidential campaign coming to a grinding halt shortly afterwards. If not before the election.

Is this senator out of touch with reality? That can be said for most of the Senate, both Democrats and Republicans. What I mean is political reality. Does anyone seriously think Biden would even be considered for VP by Hillary Clinton?

The 'who will be Hillary's running mate's had to start sooner or later. I'm betting Bill Richardson. Check back next summer.

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