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Monday, November 05, 2007

Cart Retrieval

From the Miami Herald-

Using X-ray technology, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers recovered 30 stolen shopping carts worth about $3,000 in a cargo container transiting through the Port of Miami from Ontario to Trinidad and Tobago, the agency said Friday.

The carts belong to Home Depot and will be returned to the company, the agency said in a prepared statement.

''The stolen carts are an unusual find for officers who are accustomed to finding stolen vehicles being shipped out of seaports,'' said Harold Woodward, director of Customs and Border Protection's field operations in Miami. ``The discovery of these carts is indicative of CBP's great efforts to stop the movement of stolen property being imported, exported or transiting through our nation's ports of entry.''
Now we know where all the shopping carts go. Trinidad & Tobago!

Back years ago, Winn-Dixie used to have employ a person who would roam the areas around where a store was located, looking for carts. I worked for the chain back in high school, and a manager sent me out with the guy. We found like seventy carts at the apartment house across the street from the store. People would bring their groceries home but never bring the carts back.

Now who's going to retrieve Home Depot's carts and return them to the stores? I think the government is done enough already. Let the chain store pick them up.

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