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Monday, November 05, 2007

Planting the flag

Some news from Chile. South American Presidents aren't safe from computer hackers. Who would have thought it?

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SANTIAGO, Chile - A hacker broke into the Web page of Chile's presidency and planted the flag of neighboring Peru, leaving the site inoperable for about 18 hours until it was restored Monday.

The intruder left a message — "Long live Peru," followed by an expletive — as well as the flag around midday Sunday. Officials took the site down a few minutes later, leaving a notice: "Because we want to give a better service, we are working for you."

The site was restored Monday morning.

Carlos Portales, political director of the Chilean foreign ministry, said the incident is being investigated.

"It has happened with other Web pages, including some from the United States government, the Vatican," Portales told reporters.

The Santiago daily El Mercurio on Monday reported that officials believe the hacker was a Peruvian.

While Chile and Peru have generally friendly relations, tension sporadically breaks out over the aftermath of two 19th century wars between the countries and a dispute over maritime boundaries has been developing.

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