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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Your money back

From Reuters-

Norwegian food retailer Coop launched a new guarantee for its produce on Monday: "If you did not like the food, you will get your money back - no questions asked."

Coop, a consumer-owned cooperative and second biggest food chain in Norway, said competition among retailers was so fierce that in order to win new clients it had to become more creative.

"We trust the customers, if they say they are not pleased with something, we do not ask any questions," Coop spokesman Vidar Ullenroed told Reuters.

"We will refund the whole amount," Ullenroed told top-selling tabloid VG, adding that there did not have to be anything wrong with the product to get cash back.

"We will not argue about a thing. Just bring the packaging, product or receipt," he said.

So if a chocolate bar has too many nuts or the ready-cooked meal was not the customer's cup of tea, money will be returned.
Is Coop's policy really that unusual? I seem to remember the Supermarket chain Publix saying they would refund a customer their money if they weren't happy. The company's philosophy being satisfaction with a purchase wasn't met till the food was eaten and enjoyed.

Anyone else care to comment?

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