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Monday, October 08, 2007

Another fool who can't count(or divide) Part II

The headline of this story threw up an immediate red flag for me.

Port Orange woman keeps village going 18,000 miles away
I've known since I was a itty bitty boy that the world is only 25,000 miles around at the equator. That means at most a person is 13,000 miles from Florida to the Philippines. If you check here, its less than 9,000 from New York. So was the mistake due to the headline writer or the author of the Daytona Beach News-Journal article?

Those who leave the village for cities or towns find new barriers. With little education, money or modern work skills, they are ill-equipped to adapt in a rapidly industrializing nation. They are unable to speak English or Tagalog, the primary language of the Philippines. Yet, in their native Sambalic tongue, Tina, the village is abuzz with hope.

That hope has come in the form of a 70-year-old Port Orange woman 18,000 miles away.

An interesting article, spoiled by a reporter named who can't be bothered doing a google search or checking his math with a calculator.

Do note also that this is the third piece of screwy journalism by a Cox Enterprises owned publication in one day. Are editors for the Post and News Journal asleep right now or just as dumb as their reporters?

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