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Monday, October 08, 2007

Archbishop Christodoulos

The leader of Greece's Orthodox Church was having transplant surgery in South Florida.

ATHENS, Greece - Doctors in Miami halted liver transplant surgery for the head of Greece's Orthodox Church, Archbishop Christodoulos, on Monday after his cancer was found to have spread, church officials in Athens said.

The 68-year-old archbishop was diagnosed with cancer in June after intestinal surgery. He was having surgery at Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital Monday after waiting for 50 days for a compatible liver to become available.

The operation was overseen by renowned Greek transplant specialist Andreas Tzakis, director of the University of Miami's organ transplant institute.

But during the operation, Tzakis discovered the cancer had spread, said Harris Konidaris, the archbishop's spokesman.

Due to this, "the transplant was not possible," Konidaris said, adding that the archbishop would remain in the hospital in Miami for several days and possibly weeks so doctors could determine a possible new method of treatment.
Please say a prayer for the archbishop's full recovery.

I believe(and anyone feel free to correct) if a person due for an organ transplant, is discovered to metastasized cancer, they are no longer a candidate for surgery. As a cancer survivor myself, I know the uncertainty people with this disease live with. Cancer is very unpredictable, there was a malignant melanoma survivor named Kim Wheeler. She lived over 25 years after being diagnosed with Stage IV disease. Melanoma Stage IV has a median survival rate of less than a year. Kim's story was amazing, God rest her soul. I hope Archbishop Christodoulos has a similar miracle.

Disclosure- My sister-in-law Leonette is employed by Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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