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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Laughing stock

From The Daily Telegraph

The malnutrition that afflicts millions of Zimbabweans has reduced the country to a "laughing stock", President Robert Mugabe has admitted.

Distributing equipment to black farmers resettled on land seized from white owners, he said: "We have become the laughing stock because of hunger. We all need to eat, whether you are Zanu-PF or MDC. Let's unite."

Since Mr Mugabe began confiscating farms Zimbabwe has gone from being an agricultural exporter to a country where millions need food aid. He blames supposed Western sabotage for the situation, rather than his own actions.
Classic, blame everyone but yourself for the problems besetting the country you are supposed to lead. Politicians of all stripes do this, but as Betsy said it really takes some gumption in Mugabe's case. A country once able to feed itself, now needs food aid. Robert Mugabe is over 80 years old, so we can hope he won't be President for much longer. Unfortunately Zimbabwe is a basket case at present and unlikely to improve in the interim.

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