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Sunday, October 07, 2007

History repeats itself

Miami Dolphin Quarterback Trent Green was injured trying to throw a block on a busted play.

HOUSTON — Miami Dolphins quarterback Trent Green suffered a concussion and was taken off the field on a stretcher Sunday after trying to throw a block against Houston.

The 37-year-old Green was sidelined for more than half of last season for the Kansas City Chiefs after sustaining a concussion in the opener.

The Dolphins had the ball at the Texans 25-yard line when Green tried to pitch the ball to Ted Ginn Jr. The rookie fumbled, then picked the ball up and reversed field as the defense chased him.

Texans defensive tackle Travis Johnson hit Green in the head with his knee before Ginn was tackled by Anthony Weaver. After the play ended, Johnson stood over Green and taunted him, drawing a 15-yard penalty.

Green lay still for several seconds as medical staff rushed to check on him. The Dolphins gathered near midfield and kneeled to pray a few feet away.
While I hope Green has a speedy recovery, you have to wonder if this second concussion could end the veteran's career. Green is thirty-seven-years-old and was showing his age even before today's incident.

Two comments on the play

1- What happened was 100% accidental. Green was attempting to throw a block and took a knee to the head.

2- While Ginn scurried around the field on the play, I was yelling for the WR to throw the ball. He has thrown passes in the past. I seem to remember reading somewhere Ginn having the ability to throw the ball.

As for the game, lets call it field goal derby.

HOUSTON - Kris Brown's career day was enough for the Houston Texans to slip past the hapless Miami Dolphins.

Brown kicked five field goals, including the winner on a career-long 57-yarder with a second remaining, to lead the Texans to a 22-19 victory over the Dolphins (0-5), losers of eight straight.

Brown tied an NFL single-game record with three makes over 50 yards. He hit two 54-yarders earlier in the game.

The Dolphins are off to their worst start since losing the first six to open the 2004 season.
Ronnie Brown rushed for 114 yards and Jay Feely booted four field goals. Those were the Dolphins' highlights for the day. You could possibly throw in Ted Ginn too. He made one big catch and one long kickoff return.

At one point the Dolphins were up 16-7, and the team was making me feel optimistic for a bit. What a mirage that was. Miami's season is looking more dismal than ever. Is it time to start talking who to select with the #1 pick in the 2008 NFL draft?

One last note- Miami lost to Houston by 3 pts today. In 2003, Miami lost to Houston by a single point. In 2006 Miami lost by two points. Is it safe to predict a four point loss next time around?

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