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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Over the top

From the Palm Beach Post-

Jerrod Miller's biological father pledged Wednesday to contest a proposed $1 million settlement that would let Delray Beach and a rookie police officer resolve a federal lawsuit over the 16-year-old's shooting death in 2005.

"I hate it. I don't agree with it. I'm not agreeing to it," Terry Glover said less than 24 hours after city commissioners agreed to settle the lawsuit. "I would not sell out my son for $1 million."

Patrick Cousins, an attorney who has represented Glover in his belated and unsuccessful efforts to be recognized as Jerrod's legal father, said neither he nor his client was asked to approve the settlement. Glover is a named plaintiff in the lawsuit.

"We're beside ourselves," Cousins said of what he described as a measly amount the city agreed to pay for Jerrod's death. "We're sitting here saying, 'Are you kidding me?' We will contest it."

Cousins said he thought that Stuart attorney Willie Gary is letting the city and the former officer, Darren Cogoni, off easily.

"Are you scared?" Cousins said he wants to ask Gary and his associate, Donald Watson, who handled the case. "Are you scared to walk into federal court?"

Gary's firm represents Kenneth Miller, a Delray Beach man whom Jerrod and his twin, Sherrod, believed was their father. Glover stepped forward after Jerrod's death, but despite genetic tests that proved he is the biological father, a judge ruled Miller is the legal father because his name is on the twins' birth certificates and he had been involved in their lives. Their mother died in 2003.

Neither Watson nor Gary could be reached for comment about why they said they would seek $7 million and settled for $1 million.
I'm so touched by Glover's postmortem concern for his dead son. NOT! Let me remind you why this sperm donor got a Knucklehead award.

Glover cannot ask for the paternity proof because he showed no substantial concern for Jerrod when he was alive, Cunningham argued.

Glover testified he almost never saw the twins, that he doesn't even know Sherrod's middle name. That when the twins' mother died years ago, he did not claim them then.


Glover, it came out at the hearing, already has five children with four other women and owes at least $81,000 in child support.
That's the true Mr. Glover, and his outrage at the settlement proposal comes off as nothing else but greed. TFM is a father and I've lost a son. Mr. Glover showed little concern for his Jerrod Miller when he was alive. His reward, should be commensurate with that. I'd suggest Glover take what ever handout he gets and run. A Palm Beach County jury may decide to give you a more just reward for the 'pain' you're suffering over Jerrod. Like a roll of pennies.

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