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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Malcom Hoswell, Wolfgang Keil and Fred Keller

A man in prison is making claims against the estate of recently deceased Palm Beach County millionaire and wife murderer, Fred Keller.

WEST PALM BEACH — When millionaire murderer Fred Keller made a will in August 2006, he left everything to his 12-year-old son.

Not so fast, says Malcolm Hoswell. He claims in a handwritten notice filed with the probate court this week that Keller "in his own handwriting bequeathed to me all of his personal possessions."

Hoswell contends that Keller told him, "Malcolm, when I die, the wolves will be at my grave. Wait 'til they see you."

Keller died Aug. 22 after being transported from a prison in Miami-Dade County to a hospital. He was 73. He was convicted in January of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder in the November 2003 slaying of his fifth ex-wife and the wounding of her brother.

Keller was cremated and has no grave.

His fortune has been estimated at $100 million or more. Wrongful death and personal injury claims are pending against his estate.

A copy of the purported Keller document was not attached to Hoswell's filing, but he promised it "will be produced at an upcoming appropriate date."

Keller's attorney, Bennett Cohn, was unaware of Hoswell's claim.

"I have no clue what he's talking about," he said.

Hoswell, 49, said he will file a lien against Keller's estate. He contends that Keller's real estate holdings, art work, collectibles and jewelry, as well as "all automobiles, boats, ships or planes" belong to him.

Keller prided himself on being on a frugal millionaire and owned no boats, ships or aircraft. He made his fortune in commercial real estate.

A handwritten will such as that which Hoswell claims Keller made, cannot legally transfer real estate to another person, Cohn said.

And how does Hoswell know Keller? From jail. He's there while appealing the seven-year, eight-month prison sentence he received after pleading guilty to false imprisonment and felony battery in connection with the 2002 beating of his wife when she said she was leaving him, court records show. As with the Keller probate, he's representing himself.

Hoswell also has done time in prison for charges that include resisting an officer with violence, aggravated assault with a weapon and burglary.
Hoswell's claim is probably spurious as Cohn is quoted saying. From my years of playing correspondence chess, I've met more a few characters(crazy people) serving time in prison. Malcom Hoswell appears to be another.

Hoswell's probate claims aren't the only weird news since Fred Keller's death.

West Palm Beach — Even in death, Fred Keller is battling Wolfgang Keil, the man he critically wounded in the same attack in which he shot and killed his fifth ex-wife nearly four years ago.

Keller's lawyer, Bennett Cohn, strenuously objected Monday to Keil's plan to view Keller's body on Tuesday before he is cremated.

"It's a dececration to have Mr. Keil come into the same room" as Keller's body, Cohn told Circuit Judge Edward Garrison. He added he is "inalterably opposed to Mr. Keil coming anywhere near that body."

Cohn's comments were prompted by attorney Jack Scarola, who asked Garrison to rule that Cohn has no legal standing to try to prevent from Keil from seeing the body. Scarola represents Keil in a pending personal injury lawsuit that was filed against Keller.

Keil has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome, Scarola said, stemming from the November 2003 shooting at Keller's offices which left his sister, Rosemarie Keller, dead, and Keil with two wounds.

"He has a need to view the body of Fred Keller very briefly" in order to have closure, Scarola said.
I can almost hear Mr. Keil say, 'Bring me the head of Fred Keller'. Another rich episode from every day life in South Florida.

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