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Monday, September 10, 2007

More on Aliza Schwab

From CBS 4

Aliza Schwab was playing at a pool with her 7-month-old sister while at a family barbecue. She somehow slipped into the water, nearly drowning. Now, she's on life support at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

"She's a very sweet, beautiful, happy child," says Esther Schwab, Aliza's mother.

At the time, paramedics got her heart beating again, but doctors at Jackson say she's probably brain dead. There were discussions whether life support equipment could help Aliza. The family is holding on to hope.

"The faith is there," said Esther. "We still believe. The heart is still beating, organs functioning. She wasn't given a chance. We were told she wasn't going to survive past a few hours. It's been two weeks, and she's still here."

Esther believes there is hope. Her daughter's vital signs change when she talks to her or plays her favorite video, which is "Cinderella".

The family attorney says the hospital has offered an enormous amount of help.

"At no time are they going to do anything drastic," family attorney Manachem Mayberg said. "The only thing they want to do is help us."
Mr. Mayberg saying the hospital is helping the family comes as interesting after this television station reported the reverse. I truly hope Jackson is working together with the Schwabs in order to do what is best for Aliza. God bless Esther Schwab and the rest of Aliza's family.

Disclosure- My sister-in-law is employed as a nurse by Jackson Memorial Hospital.

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