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Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today's winner is Hugh Hewitt. He gets the award for the following.

No matter how strained a reading Josh Marshall can conjure up, bin Laden thought the Democrats were to be his partners in creating the world he wants to live in.
Bin Laden then supports gay marriage and universal health care, an increase in the minimum wage. Someone feel free to point out where OBL said he favors those issues.

Dr. Steven Taylor writes-
You know, if all OBL wants is to raise taxes, legalize gay marriage and institute universal health care (or whatever else one might tag as Democratic policy goals), I don’t think we need to be too worried about him. I mean, please: what in the world can one say that OBL would want to “partner” with the Democrats to do? I really have a hard time seeing the Democratic Party of the United States to be especially interested in OBL’s vision of the world. As such, what in the world in Hewitt talking about?
I don't know either Professor. Some of what we call intelligent commentary on the internet is really so much drivel and name calling(Heck that's something I know about, but then I never pass myself off as some intellectual) when you get down to it. Personal attacks aren't likely to persuade and only score cheap points with those who are likely to agree with you. You'd think someone who went to Harvard would know that rather than someone who spent ten years in the military saying "Take a deep breath and hold it." Then its a funny world we live in.

Dr. Taylor went on to say-

The answer, of course, is that he is spouting nonsense, yet it is nonsense that apparently helps him earn a living, I suppose.

Ultimately, this is just another example of the utterly remarkable nature of Hugh Hewitt’s partisanship–a breed of partisanship that is thoroughly unhealthy for our national discourse, and yet one that far too many people seem to enjoy. One can prefer one party to the other, and one can think that one party is better than the other in terms of security policy or whatever else one may like. However, the notion that there is any congruency between OBL’s vision of the world and that of Democratic Party is simply ludicrous. Indeed, Hewitt is either delusional or simply.....
Dr. Taylor didn't finish that sentence but I will. Hugh Hewitt is today's Knucklehead of the Day.

Andrew Sullivan is also commenting.
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