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Friday, September 07, 2007

Feng Shui

Some news from Singapore.

Bad feng shui has been ruled a legitimate reason to sell a home in Singapore and not have to pay taxes on the proceeds.

Singapore’s High Court ruled Thursday that a couple was indeed forced to sell their apartment due to the lousy design that soured the feng shui energy, so they don't owe the government a tax on their gains.

Feng shui is the Asian art of designing and decorating a home or office so that positive energy flows throughout and bad energy is kept outside.

The Straits Times said the case, believed to be a first in Singapore, involved a couple who tax collectors had alleged were trading real estate in the 1990s and therefore owed the government a cut.
Interesting decision. Too bad we can't see the legal reasoning used in writing. It had to be interesting reading.

So if someone doesn't have to report gains on the sale of a house for bad Feng shui, can a South Florida resident do the same because half the sliding doors in his house can't be opened either? I doubt the IRS will be sympathetic to that argument?

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