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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A trip to(on) the head

Will they use this story for a movie or sitcom plot?

There was a bit of monkey business at LaGuardia Airport Tuesday.

Spirit Airlines found it had an unexpected passenger on board a flight, and the stowaway was so small, it hid under a hat.

Officials say the animal flew from Peru to Fort Lauderdale before landing at LaGuardia this afternoon.

Let's start with the big unanswered question at this point, how in the world did the monkey clear customs in Fort Lauderdale?

Eyewitness News caught up with an Animal Care and Control officer at the airport, and in his right hand was a small crate with the monkey. The officer said the monkey is actually a marmoset, native to Central America.

The monkey was on board Spirit Airlines Flight 180, and hid under the hat and ponytail of the passenger as he went through the TSA X-ray machines and got on the plane undetected.
To travel from Peru to New York, has to take over five hours, not counting time to make connections. So if the monkey was under the passenger's hat all that time, I would have to guess the animal did some of his 'business' while up there. Now isn't that a sickening thought?

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