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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Today's Florida Geography lesson

Listen up Associated Press writer Melissa Nelson as I teach you how to read a map. You wrote in an article about Senator Clinton's support from the military-

The Panhandle is lined with large military bases along the Gulf of Mexico, from Pensacola Naval Air Station on the eastern border to Tyndall Air Force Base further west.
Pensacola is a city in far Northwestern Florida. What is west of the City? The state of Alabama. So how is Tyndall west of Pensacola and still in the Sunshine State? Go and click here and you'll see that the Air Force base is East of Pensacola. If you look at the map to the right, you can locate Tyndall in the vicinity of Panama City. They are both in the same County. That is EAST of Pensacola.

Maybe Miss Nelson you are related to that other great expert on Florida, columnist Mark Steyn. Both of you need to begin checking a Florida map before showing your ignorance of the Sunshine State.

Note- As to Hilary Clinton's popularity with the military, I wouldn't be surprised if Democratic registered service members do favor the Senator from New York. As to the rest of our fighting men and women, I doubt her support is as strong.

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