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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The fourth named tropical system of 2007 has formed in the Atlantic.

As expected, Tropical Storm Dean formed Tuesday in the open Atlantic, far from land.


As for Dean, Avila said it likely would grow into the season's first hurricane by Thursday and could threaten the outer arc of Caribbean islands -- and possibly Puerto Rico -- as a Category 2 hurricane this weekend.

Long-range forecasts, subject to wide margins of error, carried Dean near or over the outer Caribbean islands by Saturday.

After that, it could move into the Caribbean, head toward Puerto Rico or curve out to sea without touching land at all.
So Dean can make landfall anywhere from Mexico to Canada, or not all. Then why does the local MSM play this story up as front page headline news. The Palm Beach Post did this morning. I guess panicking people sells more newspapers. Not to mention water, canned food, plywood etc...

I'll watch the storm but won't lose sleep over it. Someone after all has to keep track of the nuts.

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